Business Cards – Do We Really Need One?

Believe it or not a Business cards can still serve a valuable purpose for your business, but there are now numerous digital alternatives to keeping track of your contacts and displaying your personal / companies information.  Many business professionals have created accounts online, places such as LinkedIn, needless to say, a simple card could never beat LinkedIn’s ability to store information.

Despite the increasing popularity of social media and digital business cards, having a printed card is essential for connecting with fellow professionals in person.  There is still a need to have something tangible to exchange important contact information. By handing out a business card, you present yourself as a specialist. This small detail is a sign of traditional professionalism that still carries significant value in our digital era. A person who knows about the importance of connecting with people will always have a business card, do you have one in your pocket today?

Every though about the events and conferences you may attend, how many of you go through the cards you’ve collected on the day?  This is your chance to stand out. If your card is well-designed and attention-grabbing, you incite the receiver to remember you. Be approachable and creative by always having high-quality business cards.

Cards are still the quickest way to exchange information, you can meet someone face to face and connect on social media, but odds are, you are instantly lost amongst the thousands of other “friends” or “followers.” A business card is a physical reminder of who you are. It can also spark a memory of the time and place you met, separating you from others.

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