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Mind your business, we’ll mind the rest. (We only do business class hosting)

In the age of NOWness, your website must be three things: fast, functional and always on. We only use SSD’s. This ensures at least a 4x speed increase over traditional disks. While it may be more expensive than standard disks, we insist on SSD’s so our clients can get the best performance out of their hosting. We also ensure that our servers are never oversubscribed, so you can be confident that your hosting, will scale and support your needs, as you grow. Oversubscribing is the practice of selling more resources than you actually have, on the assumption that the average usage will be equal to, or less than the actual resources on hand. This can lead to severe speed and other problems when using “standard” hosting. It is definitely not what you want when running a business online.

Our website support and maintenance capabilities monitor your website’s performance around the clock ensuring up-time and scalability. 


Suitable for small business
R95/ MO
  • x5 Free Emails
  • 1GB SSD Space
  • 1 FTP Account
  • 1 MYSQL DB
  • * R125p/m / Paid Yearly R95p/m


Suitable for growing businesses
R150/ MO
  • x20 Free Emails
  • 5GB SSD Space
  • 3 FTP Accounts
  • 3 MYSQL DB
  • * R175p/m / Paid Yearly R150p/m


Suitable for larger business
R285/ MO
  • x50 Free Emails
  • 30GB SSD Space
  • 10 FTP Account
  • 10 MYSQL DB
  • * R285p/m / Paid Yearly R315p/m


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Our fully automated deployment system will be launched soon.
In the interim, please use the contact form below to send through your requirements to us.

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