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Why you need a Vector Logo

The value of a Vector logo boils down to two parts: flexibility and scalability. Vector logos are flexible because they can be output to just about any common Raster image format (jpg, png, gif, tiff, etc.). Vector logos are also scalable in size allowing them to be enlarged to fit the side of a blimp...
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Does Hosting potentially affect your Business?

3 aspects to a successful website: Loading Speed to any page User experience with a clear navigation on your site Content and Visual Identity Engagement Important Stats to note: Speed – According to a recent study from Google, 53% of mobile site users leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. In other words, if...
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Business Cards

Business Cards – Do We Really Need One?

Believe it or not a Business cards can still serve a valuable purpose for your business, but there are now numerous digital alternatives to keeping track of your contacts and displaying your personal / companies information.  Many business professionals have created accounts online, places such as LinkedIn, needless to say, a simple card could never...
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Winter Special

A business without a website does not have a link or presence within the internet. Earning platform and brand-controlled publishing that can influence the organic rankings very strongly. In the absence of a website, the possibilities of ranking in the competitive market will be far less. Why have a website as a business? Because businesses...
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