Does Hosting potentially affect your Business?

3 aspects to a successful website:

  • Loading Speed to any page
  • User experience with a clear navigation on your site
  • Content and Visual Identity Engagement

Important Stats to note:

  • Speed – According to a recent study from Google, 53% of mobile site users leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. In other words, if the visitor cannot see the navigation and initial visual, they’re gone. While the goal is that potential clients stay longer than 3 seconds on your site, the concept of first impressions count does apply.
  • Sales – Consider your website an employee just for a second. If your website works for you, have you provided your salesperson the right tools to sell you? If you have slow hosting, chances are you may have a slow and buggy website, especially if you are not maintaining the website regularly and testing it. This ultimately leads to lost inquiries which is the only purpose of closure engagement on your website.
  • Security – Prevention vs Reaction. It is always best to stop a disaster than to react when it has happened. A secure website provides more trust and a positive user experience. Many hosting providers offer free SSL certificates to make sure that your website is secure. Also, they offer backup & restore options along with anti SPAM solutions. Win win for everyone.
  • SEO – Being found by visitors in Google search. Both site speed and site security are now important ranking factors in Google search. Hosting is the core for both of these requirements.

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