Winter Special

A business without a website does not have a link or presence within the internet. Earning platform and brand-controlled publishing that can influence the organic rankings very strongly. In the absence of a website, the possibilities of ranking in the competitive market will be far less. Why have a website as a business? Because businesses can grow substantially if it invests on its website!.

We understand everyone would love a great website, there are many companies out there offering a website at a fraction of a cost, but ask yourself this . . . a web specialist has taken many years and continue to learn and understand the web every day, if they feel they can knock prices far below market share what are you really getting??  Will it feature on Google?  What about the SEO?

Yes, we like to boast, but we hope our reputation speaks for itself, we know we are good at what we do and that’s why our pricing is what it is.  We also have a heart too, and love our jobs here at iD8 so we extend some warmth in these chilly months by offering a 12 month package in the month of June and July, whereby should you host with us we can incorporate your website fee into the month payments as well at a R1000 of the market pricing.

Drop us a message today for more information about our website design and development specials.


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